RC Hobbies

Store earning strong reputation among enthusiasts

Remote Control Hobbies opened its Oak Ridge location in June of last year, quickly earning a reputation among remote-controlled hobbyists through its quality of products and customer service.

"This area's been great to us," manager Brandon West said. "We like to think a lot of [the growth] has to do with our customer service."

West said the retailer sells remote-controlled cars, airplanes, helicopters and boats, as well as parts, for enthusiasts from young children to advanced competitors of all ages. He said he believes the hobbies provided by the business are ideal for this generation of youth.

"The technology is still there; the electronics and mechanics are still there," he said. "And they still provide hand/eye coordination, and it gets the kids outside and playing with other kids."

The popularity of certain vehicles is cyclical, West said, but remote-controlled helicopters are the most popular current item because they can be operated both outdoors and indoors.

The business has experienced significant growth since opening, West said, thanks to its location along I-45 and word-of-mouth advertising.

He said RC Hobbies had become popular among competitive remote-controlled vehicle operators, many of which are part of a tight-knit community.

"There's a lot of people who have been in the hobbies before we came who deal with us exclusively," he said.

West and other employees at the business even participate in various racing and flying events in the area, developing a rapport with RC operators.

"We try to stay active in the community," he said.

26302 I-45 N., Spring, 281-292-5552, www.rc-hobbies.com

By Matt Stephens
Matt Stephens joined Community Impact Newspaper in December 2012. A Tomball native and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Matt joined as a reporter for The Woodlands team before being promoted to help launch the Spring | Klein edition in spring of 2014 and later to North Houston managing editor in late 2015. He has served as managing editor to the Phoenix and Nashville papers since August 2020.