On Nov. 10, Target debuted a more expansive—yet sustainable—design concept in its newest location in north Katy.

Located at 22165 FM 529, Katy, the new store is approximately 145,000 square feet, more than 20,000 square feet larger than the chain’s average.

The store features a larger variety in merchandise, more windows and lights, a Texas-shaped succulent garden design, and regionally sourced wood. In coming months, the location will also have solar panels and electric vehicle charging ports.

Target’s store design team built and tested a life-sized representation of its newest concept with virtual reality, using the tool to virtually walk through the store and make adjustments in real time, according to an article from Target announcing the redesign.

These new design elements will rollout in most of Target’s new stores and in remodels of existing locations. 281-505-3382. www.target.com