Updated 8:30 p.m., July 10

CenterPoint Energy unveiled an updated outage map based on feedback from customers whose power had not been restored, while Entergy restored roughly 50% of power to Montgomery County residents.

According to CenterPoint’s outage tracker, more than 1.1 million people in Houston remain without power as of 8:11 p.m. July 10. The company estimates many people could remain without power going into July 14.

CenterPoint has released an updated version of its map, outlining the various stages for energy restoration in the Greater Houston area.

A new neon green section of the map highlights areas that are “energized with potential nested outage.” In these areas, CenterPoint believes power has been restored. However, there might be localized damage to property that is preventing full restoration.
  • Dark Green: power restored
  • Neon Green: energized with potential nested outage
  • Blue: assigned for repair
  • Orange: damage is under assessment
On social media, multiple residents from across the Houston region posted that areas previously labeled as having power were incorrect, leading to the change on the outage map.

Also of note

Entergy Texas sent a news release on July 10 stating that 50% of its customers within the impacted areas have received power, and the company expects to have power 75% restored by July 12. There are currently 124,146 Entergy customers remaining without power as of this update.

The area is under a heat advisory, according to the National Weather Service, with the heat index forecast up to 106 degrees through July 11. All counties impacted by Hurricane Beryl have opened cooling centers for residents.

Published 10:08 a.m., July 10

CenterPoint Energy and Entergy officials released new timelines for power restoration in the Greater Houston region during the evening of July 9, forecasting some customers to be without power until July 14.

What you need to know

Following the removal of its original outage map and tracker, CenterPoint Energy released a new map outlining the various stages of restoration for its service area. The map is color coded based on what status the area is in, which includes:
  • Green: Energized
  • Blue/Grey: Assigned for repairs
  • Orange: Under Assessment
CenterPoint has not released an official timeline for restorations, but is encouraging residents to check the new tracker map for updates on restoration. As of 10:01 a.m., the CenterPoint outage counter shows 1.35 million individuals are still without power.

What else?

Entergy Texas also released a timeline for outage restoration following a full day of assessments after Hurricane Beryl moved out of the area. According to the timeline, priority restoration efforts will start along the coastal service area and move inland over four days.

The areas being serviced on each day include:

July 11:
  • Beaumont
  • Navasota
  • Orange
  • Port Arthur
  • Winnie
July 12:
  • Dayton
  • Huntsville
  • Silsbee
  • Bolivar Peninsula
July 14:
  • Cleveland
  • Conroe
  • New Caney
According to the Entergy outage tracker, there are still 167,199 outages within Entergy’s service area.

In their words

“We have made solid progress and exceeded the number of customer restorations following Hurricane Ike, but we have a lot of important work ahead, especially in the hardest-hit areas where the work will be more complex and time-consuming," said Lynnae Wilson, senior vice president of CenterPoint Energy in a July 9 news release. “We know we have a lot of customers counting us to do our jobs as safely and quickly as possible, and that will continue to be our highest priority."

“All the new stuff that we're building to support economic growth, those have the latest resiliency standards; that's not where the concern is,” Entergy President and CEO Eli Viamontes said in an interview with Community Impact. “The concern is the existing infrastructure that needs to be upgraded. ... This is the moment that I think communities, businesses and government need to unite and say we need accelerated resiliency and investments.”

Stay tuned

This article will be updated to include additional outage updates and restoration times, for information regarding cooling centers and shelter resources, please view our additional coverage.