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"Community Impact is the only pub that people actually read."

-John (advertiser)

The CI Value Guarantee

Quality Local News

We're first to deliver local news on community development, business profiles, lead stories and overall updates on these topics: events, government, health care, education, transportation and real estate.

Our unbiased approach creates trust with loyal readers in the areas we serve.

Our news products are free and accessible to all, including daily email newsletters and web stories, plus monthly newspapers delivered into residential mailboxes with in-house journalism, photography and info-graphics.

The CI Way

We understand the importance of choosing business vendors, allocating budget and determining return on investment.

Our "CI Way" includes an in-person, consultative approach to learn your unique business goals. We then apply our local knowledge and marketing expertise to custom tailor a plan for success.

Each month our team is in touch with our advertising partners, providing customer service, billing assistance and reporting to visualize ROI.

"Have had the best luck with our ads in the Impact."

-Kathleen (advertiser)

Our products

"Great resource for B2C business in reaching the local consumer community."

-Kevin (advertiser)

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