Personalized learning, empowering teachers and goal-setting are some of what district officials within Friendswood ISD are doing to help students and teachers in the 2023-24 school year.

Two-minute impact

Campus officials for each school within FISD laid out their plans for the new school year at the board of trustees' Sept. 11 meeting. Much of their plans included different ways to help students find success and measure their progress.

At Bales Elementary, for example, officials’ top focus will be on personalizing learning for students, Principal Ryan Kopp said at the meeting.

Meanwhile, at Cline Elementary, officials are placing an emphasis on assessments, Principal Barry Clifford said. Those assessments will not only look at how each classroom is performing but help officials compare how students are doing throughout the year.

Friendswood Junior High officials will emphasize emotional learning as a key part of students’ academics, with a major theme being “kindness,” Principal Dana Drew said.

At Friendswood High School, officials are focused this year on creating new pathways for students to explore things they are interested in, Principal Mark Griffon said.

What else?

Another key focus of junior high officials includes what Drew called a monthly parent TikTok challenge, which drew some initial concern from FISD board members, who later in the meeting approved the principals’ plans.

Officials at the meeting clarified it wouldn’t mean students using TikTok but instead is just used in the name. Instead, it’s a challenge for parents to sit and talk with their students about various topics.

“I think what statistics show is that TikTok is dangerous and difficult for that young of an age,” Trustee Laura Seifert said. “I just want to put that out there.”