The 45-year-old Bagel Shop Bakery will open its new 2,700-square-foot location at 5422 Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire, in December, the bakery announced.

The bakery will be certified by Houston Kashruth (HKA) and Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas (MKT) to serve Jewish customers in accordance with kosher practices.

“Our team has heard for years that members of the Houston Jewish community who, in addition to the strict kosher standards of the HKA require the MKT Kashruth standards, have wanted more dining options and we are proud to be able to serve them in Bellaire,” said Michael Saghian, manager of Bagel Shop Bakery and owner of New York Deli & Coffee Shop and Houston Catering Concepts, in a news release. “We are ecstatic to watch our Bagel Shop Bakery family continue to grow, not only with our Bellaire neighbors but within the Houston Jewish community, as well.”

The new location, which will operate alongside an expanded New York Deli & Coffee Shop, will offer patio seating and a counter-style coffee bar. The 5,500 square-foot New York Deli & Coffee Shop is slated to open in 2021. Houston Catering Concepts began working in the new space in October.