Travis Baker

Austin Metro Publisher

Travis Baker has been a consumer of news his entire life. Being informed in an unbiased way has always appealed to him. As a publisher, he does not take the job lightly. Each day brings forth the challenge of: How can Community Impact Newspaper present unbiased news that touches on all sides of a story?

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in marketing, Travis’ first job found him in Dallas working at Fox Station Sales. Longing to get back to his roots, Travis moved back to Austin and joined the sales team at KVUE-TV, and eventually he moved to print news and worked for the Austin Business Journal.

In 2010, Travis was hired to be the general manager for CI‘s Southwest Austin edition. In 2016, he was promoted to publisher for the company’s Austin metro editions. Travis grew up in Central Texas and is a father of four.

Travis’ role model is …

“Howard Butt Jr.—imagine being born into one of the most successful grocery chains, yet you feel at the crossroads to uphold the family business but serve more from a philanthropic way as well.” Travis has a great respect for him for balancing what culture says versus what his heart was telling him.

Best advice he’s been given …

“Business is about relationships. Think first how you can help another before how they can help you. It’s a small world; you will be amazed how much your networking/sourcing will reciprocate years down the road.”

What makes him passionate about his job …

“The editorial side of the newspaper is trying to tell stories that can change communities and lives, and the advertising side is entrusted with helping small businesses grow. … That’s a win-win.”