Some Frisco landscape ordinances could soon be updated for the first time since 2011, city staff said.

Two-minute impact

Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission members unanimously recommended Frisco City Council approve a series of simplifications to the city’s landscaping requirement ordinances during a Feb. 27 meeting.

Simplifications included removing inconsistent, repetitive and confusing language, Senior Planner Stephanie Scott-Sims said.

“One thing I love is Frisco really does set a standard,” Commissioner Jon Kendall said. “I would assume surrounding cities will probably be doing a lot of copying and pasting, and implementing this into their landscape standards as they've done with others.”

The details

Frisco’s development services department staff members discovered some of the city’s provisions were in need of an update while working on a five-year strategic plan process for 2023-27, Scott-Sims said. Formally reviewing ordinances is a part of the process, she said.

“We thought that this would be a great opportunity for us to also review those ordinance provisions and do things like clean up language that was inadequate or that was in error,” Scott-Sims said.

The landscape ordinances were last formally updated in 2011, Senior Landscape Architect Emily Braht Leisner said.

“This is a huge undertaking,” Kendall said. “I hope [city staff] know we don't take it lightly that this was not a little effort.”

Stay tuned

Council members are expected to discuss the commission’s recommendation at a March 13 meeting.

Page numbers for the updated ordinances will not be reconfigured until after the changes are approved, Scott-Sims said.