Dripping Springs has deemed September-November and March-May as “Lights Out Migratory Months,” encouraging community members to turn off exterior lights at night to help birds as they migrate.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to turn off lights from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. during these months to reduce light pollution as birds make their way through migration routes.

Additionally, community members can:
  • Use light only when and where needed.
  • Aim lights downward.
  • Minimize blue light emissions.
  • Use energy efficient lighting.
  • Use timers, dimmers and motion sensors.
  • Use warm LED bulbs under a 3,000 Kelvin rating.
  • Draw blinds to reduce light spill.
The Lights Out Dripping Springs program is part of the Audubon National Lights Program that began in 1999. The city is an International Dark Sky Community, and has had an outdoor lighting ordinance in place since 2000, with the goal to reduce light pollution at night.

For more information, visit www.cityofdrippingsprings.com.