The week of April 15-22 has been recognized by the city of Dripping Springs as International Dark Sky Week.

City Council made the decision March 21 during a meeting, with the goal of encouraging awareness to light pollution, city officials said.

Light pollution refers to artificial lighting at night that is disruptive. It results in roughly $3 billion per year of wasted energy in the United States, according to information from the city.

In 2014, Dripping Springs was named the first International Dark Sky Community in Texas.

Since then, the city has encouraged limiting light pollution through the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance established in 2000 that provides regulations for outdoor lighting, including shielding, brightness, color and total lumen output.

Landowners in Dripping Springs are encouraged to limit light pollution via the Be A Star Awards, which recognizes landowners, including businesses, who comply with the city criteria.

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