City of Dripping Springs officials are considering repealing a cosponsoring policy, in which the city allows a nonprofit to use city buildings and display banners for events.

The policy is no longer considered necessary by city officials as Dripping Springs Ranch Park rental agreements and the Park Sponsorship Policy have been updated.

Past events that were cosponsored include Pride of Dripping Springs and Dripping Springs Visitor's Bureau events.

The gist

Repealing the cosponsorship agreements would restrict use of banners in Veterans Memorial Park and Mercer Street to only city events, restrict use of the city logo and prevent City Council from making decisions on events.

Zooming in

The existing policy requires the city only sponsors events that:
  • Are organized by a nonprofit
  • Occur within the city
  • Comply with city ordinances
  • Are bound by a contract and liability insurance
Alternatives to the policy would instead allow for:
  • Banners at Dripping Springs Ranch Park rather than Mercer Street and Veterans Memorial
  • Use agreements for city facility use
  • One banner on noncommercial property for $25
  • Application for nonprofit discounted use of city facility
What’s next?

No decision was made during a council meeting on Aug. 1. Council will discuss the policy again during a regular meeting on Aug. 15.

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