Tucked into the corner of a food-truck park off Hwy. 79 in Round Rock, hungry residents will find a bright-red food trailer labeled Da’s Thai Cuisine.

Inside, Seeda Maensornnara is fulfilling what her husband, Ronnie Estes, calls her “lifelong dream.”


Maensornnara has over 12 years of experience working as a chef in restaurants since she moved from Thailand to the U.S. to work in her sister’s restaurant in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

She worked in restaurants in Austin, Killeen, Manor and throughout the metro before marrying Estes. In 2020, the couple had the idea to open their own food truck, wanting to serve quality food at fair prices, Estes said.

“It’s been really successful, and now we’re working on opening a restaurant on Sunrise [Road] and Old Settlers [Boulevard],” he said.

What’s on the menu

With a focus on providing authentic dishes made from fresh, organic ingredients, Da’s Thai Cuisine serves a variety of entrees—using Maensornnara’s recipes—such as beef broccoli, pad cashew nut and stir-fried mixed vegetables.

“Everything is cooked fresh,” Estes said. “Some restaurants will boil their meat halfway through so that it’s faster to cook when it’s busy. We don’t do that. When you order it, that’s when we start cooking it.”

Also on the menu are a variety of curry, fried rice and noodle dishes. Some of the more popular selections include the pineapple fried rice, the pad ka prow entre and the pad thai.