European immigrants Karen and Jack Soeffker opened the The Grumpy George restaurant after finding success with a backyard dinner project.

While the project was originally born out of pandemic boredom, Karen Soeffker said it gradually gained a following among her friends in the Great British Club of Georgetown, who suggested the pair open a public location.

The self-described "serial entrepreneurs" partnered with fine dining chef Michael Tubens to open The Grumpy George in November, just a few steps away from their other business, All Things Kids.

What's on the menu

Karen Soeffker, who is from Midlands, England, said the lunch and dinner menus are a broad mix of typical English fare with American touches.

Dishes such as fish and chips, bangers and mash, Scotch eggs, and Cornish pastries appear alongside burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads.

On Saturday mornings, the pub offers a Full English Breakfast, and a traditional roast is served on Sundays, which includes roasted meats with potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.

"The food is our main focus here. ... It's very unique. Nobody has this kind of food in Georgetown," Karen Soeffker said.

Looking for a libation?

Karen Soeffker said the pub includes a British-style bar with the beer taps facing the customers, so bartenders don't have to turn their backs while serving them.

In addition to the 14 local and English brews on tap, the drink menu also includes themed craft cocktails.

Patrons can try The QEII, Queen Elizabeth II's favorite drink of Dubonnet Rouge, Hendricks and lemon twist, Karen Soeffker said.

What's in a name

Karen Soeffker said the restaurant's "grumpy" name comes from a nickname for her husband.

"Because he's from Germany, everybody is always asking me, 'Why does he seem so grumpy?' That's just generally how he talks," she said.

Looking ahead

In the near future, Karen Soeffker said she hopes to begin offering ready-made, reheatable meals for meal prepping.