The COVID-19 pandemic has affected local small businesses across Austin, leading to permanent closures for longtime favorites such as I Luv Video. Music venues and bars have been especially hard hit, leading to a number of downtown Austin businesses announcing their permanent closures. These five businesses will not reopen, adding to a list of recent closures that also includes Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop, B.D Riley's Irish Pub and Dirty Dog Bar.
1. MugShots, located at 407 E. Seventh St., Austin, closed Aug. 31. The bar owned by Marcos Canchola and Brian Hyde opened in December 2002. "We wish to thank you for nearly 18 years of support and wonderful memories," wrote the owners in a press release. Canchola and Hyde co-own a number of Austin bars, including The Hideout Pub, Bender Bar & Grill, Violet Crown Social Club and Pour House Pints & Pies. Canchola owns and operates Barfly's, and both are partners in Hitmaker Brewing Co.

2. Pink Avocado Catering, located at 401 Sabine St., Austin, closed permanently Sept. 11, according to an announcement from Executive Chef Brent Schumacher. The catering company started in 2006—its first event was the anniversary party for the Austin Film Festival. "We've seen the writing on the wall and the loss of revenue due to the cancellation of live events is unsustainable for us at this time," Schumacher wrote.

3. The North Door, 501 Brushy St., Austin, announced its permanent closure Sept. 11. The owners of the live music and events venue said in a statement they "held on as long as possible" but were forced to close in the midst of "dark times that are decimating one business after another out there." According to the statement, the owners plan to return to the business in the future under a new name.

4. Veggie Heaven, a vegan restaurant located at 1611 W. Fifth St., Austin, since 1998, announced its permanent closure Sept. 1. "We are so grateful to everyone who has made the experience of running this restaurant unforgettable," wrote the owners.

5. Ni-Komé, the sushi restaurant in downtown food hall Fareground, 111 Congress Ave., Austin, closed permanently as of Aug. 15. The food hall that also includes restaurants Contigo, Dai Due, Henbit, Italic and TLV has been closed temporarily since March 17. Komé Sushi Kitchen on Airport Boulevard remains open for curbside takeout. 512-712-5700.