The Texas Education Agency released annual accountability ratings for schools across the state Wednesday, according to a TEA press release. Katy ISD received an A rating. This is the first time the TEA has used an A-F rating system which is similar to letter grades students receive.

KISD received an A in the overall and student achievement categories. The student achievement category is a measurement of what students are capable of at the end of the school year. Various factors, such as SAT scores, graduation rates and Career and Military Readiness test scores contribute to the student achievement category rating.

The district received B's in the academic growth, relative performance and closing the gaps categories. All three were measured at an 89 percent rating, which nearly met the criteria of 90 percent to achieve an A rating.

Seventy percent of the district’s overall rating was based on the student achievement category while 30 percent was based on the closing the gaps category. Closing the gaps accounts for the performance of students among different racial, socioeconomic and similar backgrounds.

Individual schools were graded on three levels: met standard, met alternative standard or improvement required.

All individual campuses within the district received a rating of met standard, though three schools received improvement required scores in the academic growth, relative performance or closing the gaps categories. These include Wolfe Elementary, McRoberts Elementary and Raines High School.

The district may appeal any ratings it does not agree with and updated ratings will be released by the TEA in December, according to a press release.