Witchy Woman Witchy Woman[/caption]

For the customer who enjoys the sweet and the spicy, TaD’s Steak & Seafood offers the Witchy Woman, a rum-based cocktail that costs $12.

The drink includes strawberry rum with habanero lime syrup, sour mix, cranberry and fresh strawberries, all topped with a champagne dunk.

“We wanted to have a drink that was fun and different,” General Manager Dory Steen said. “It’s light and refreshing. Being in Houston, you know it’s hot.”

The Witchy Woman is one of 22 specialty cocktails on the menu at TaD’s although the restaurant creates seasonal drinks throughout the year.

“We have a little bit of everything,” Steen said. “As we go through the seasons, we want our bartenders, servers and customers to give us feedback on what they want. If it goes well, we add them to the menu.”

Steen said TaD’s is always looking for new creative drinks, including adding No Label Brewing Co.’s Don Jalapeno Ale to a bloody mary.