Bee Cave center gets green light for neighborhood services development

City Council approved a final plat Feb. 28 for a 5.2-acre retail site at the corner of West Hwy. 71 and Vail Divide that is planned to house neighborhood services, including gymnastics facility Acrotex.

The tract, located within the Falconhead West neighborhood, was originally part of a 2006 mixed-use development district and is the last lot to be developed within that project.

The site will also include a pedestrian trail as well as two accessways on Vail Divide, a feature that concerned Council Member Kara King, who cited safety as a reason for holding out on approving the plan. She said nearby residents may cut through the project to the neighborhood behind it, Falconhead West. Additionally, King voiced concern that the landscape buffer between the project and the four residences abutting it needs to serve as a sufficient screening mechanism.

“This is a small neighborhood road and not equipped to handle many cars,” King said of the shorter Vail accessway onto the retail tract. “It is not fair to put that kind of traffic out into the neighborhood.”

Bee Cave City Attorney Patty Akers said a traffic impact analysis will be conducted, with traffic improvements proposed at that time.

The plat was approved by a vote of 3-1, with Mayor Caroline Murphy absent and King voting against it.