Q&A with Dr. Robbyn L. Traylor

Dr. Robbyn L. Traylor - Medical director, Next Level Urgent Care Dr. Robbyn L. Traylor -
Medical director, Next Level Urgent Care[/caption]

With more than 10 years of experience in the medical industry, Dr. Robbyn Traylor was named Next Level Urgent Care’s medical director earlier this year. Traylor has provided urgent care services through Next Level Urgent Care for more than a year.

Throughout her career, Traylor has provided medical services in family medicine, primary care and urgent care services since she graduated from the University of Texas Medical Center in 2005.

“Family doctors are great because we are able to practice in all different types of medicine,” she said. “I have been very fulfilled in my work. I’m never bored, and I never want to do anything else. I’m very happy doing my work.”

Traylor said she decided to continue her work in urgent care to provide Fort Bend County residents with immediate care and resources. Next Level Urgent Care works with patients to connect them with local resources and specialists for long-term care.

“I have been most satisfied in urgent care because patients are able to come in for an issue that they have today and get that issue taken care of today,” she said. “We have developed a lot of relationships with different families [and] we can feel very much like primary care providers, but generally we’re not managing chronic medical issues and we’re not doing medical checkups.”

With the rapid population growth Fort Bend County is experiencing, how do medical centers help address the medical needs of a growing population?

It’s not just population growth; it’s population explosion this way. Because of our population growth in Fort Bend County, urgent care has become a necessary arm of the health care community. Primary care doctors are wonderful, [and] they are usually busy and saturated. Generally when patients call for an appointment with their primary care doctor they’re going to have to wait for at least a week, but oftentimes three weeks to get in. When you’re sick today, and you’re in need of care today, you don’t want to have to wait to see your regular doctor. Urgent care is necessary to provide help and support and medicine to people who are sick right now and who need care right now.

Why are more satellite medical centers being constructed instead of traditional hospitals?

It goes back to the convenience factor. With so many different communities and so much more traffic, people who live in Sugar Land and Missouri City don’t want to have to drive 30 minutes to the Texas Medical Center in order to get emergency care. What hospitals have figured out is that they have to provide more convenient care to their patients and their potential patients in the communities where they live.

What are the biggest issues in the medical industry that are not being addressed in Fort Bend County?

I think, all in all, Fort Bend County does a very good job of providing excellent quality health care
to its residents. If there is anything that could be done better, it would be making sure that every resident has access to health care and making sure every single citizen has a primary care doctor, and at least visits that person once a year for regular checkups.

What does the future of health care look like in Fort Bend County?

The services offered in Fort Bend County have increased significantly. Many of the residents living in Fort Bend County are the same physicians providing care at the local hospitals. I think what we can anticipate is a growing medical community. I’m hoping in years to come, with greater population growth, maybe we’ll see a bigger demand for a Level I trauma center or establishing a medical school in Fort Bend County. When you are fortunate enough to have an institution of higher learning, it makes the community better. You’re able to attract teaching physicians and better teaching hospitals while residents are getting the most up-to-date quality care.

How is Fort Bend County establishing itself as a medical community?

We are beyond establishing. We are established. There are a tremendous amount of services that are offered here that were not available 20 years ago. Now Fort Bend County residents can access not only primary care, which has always been a part of our community, but also subspecialty care. Because those services are available out here where we live, patients no longer have to travel into the Texas Medical Center to meet their specialized physicians, and that’s convenient. We live in a busy time and everybody has kids. So when you have to battle traffic to get to the doctor’s office, it’s just another hurdle impeding you from getting the care that you need. If we make care convenient and efficient, people will have better outcomes down the road.

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