Missouri City City Council, District A

Yolanda FordYolanda Ford*
Incumbent Yolanda Ford has served on City Council since she was elected in 2013. Ford is an urban planner and land development professional who has been a resident of Missouri City for 37 years. For more information visit www.yolandaford.com

Why are you seeking election to represent District A?
I am seeking re-election to advocate for safe communities, sustainable development and transparency and integrity in municipal government. I am also a product of this community, and it is important that I give back to the community that has afforded me many opportunities.

If elected, what would your top priorities be?
I will continue focusing on engaging my community in the municipal process, advocating for my constituent needs, assessing feasible ways to mitigate city expenses and continuing to build a consortium for entrepreneurs and small-business owners in Missouri City.

Bobby Marshall

Bobby Marshall

Bobby Marshall is a local business owner who has resided in Missouri City for 23 years. Marshall is seeking election to his former City Council seat, which he held from 2009-13. He also served on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission for four years.

Why are you seeking election to represent District A? There are great opportunities ahead for the city to thrive and prosper. I want to contribute to that future when I am elected to City Council. I believe my experience and record of service to the community will be invaluable to my continued service to the citizens of Missouri City.

If elected, what would your top priorities be? My top priorities would be improving public safety in the city, developing sound economic development practices, properly funding city services, ensuring fiscal responsibility and addressing critical infrastructure needs, such as improving mobility and drainage in the city.

Missouri City City Council, District B

JaPaula KempJaPaula Kemp
JaPaula Kemp is an attorney and nine-year resident and homeowner in Missouri City. Kemp serves on the homeowners association for Olympia Estates. For more information visit www.kempforcitycouncil.com

Why are you seeking election to represent District B? I am particularly concerned about equality in development in certain areas of the city. I am capable of making competent and strategic decisions with regard to growth and development in the city. I will also remain committed to being an advocate for the constituents of District B.

If elected, what would your top priorities be? My top priorities include creating transparency and accountability in city government, creating equality in future development, finding ways to cut costs that would benefit all residents and to be accessible and available to all my constituents.

Don SmithDon Smith*
Incumbent Don Smith was first elected to City Council District B in 2001 where he served until 2007. He was then appointed to the seat in 2010 to fill a vacancy and was re-elected in 2013. For more information visit www.donsmithdistrictb.com

Why are you seeking election to represent District B? I am seeking re-election because I have unfinished business. I want to see Texas Parkway return to its former state of acceptance. I want to see a [veterans] memorial erected in the city. I would like to bring cultural activity to the city and build a venue for these events.

If elected, what would your top priorities be? The city must improve its public safety compensation package. The Police Department deserves competitive salaries and incentives. This is a high priority for me. Also, I will continue to work toward bringing commerce to the city and increase the well-being of the citizens.

Fort Bend ISD school board, Position 2

Grayle JamesGrayle James*
Incumbent Grayle James was elected to the Fort Bend ISD board of trustees in 2012 and serves as its president. She also served as assistant secretary on the board. James is an 18-year resident of Sugar Land. For more information visit www.votegraylejames.com

What would your top priorities be as a member of the FBISD board?  My top priorities include the development of new opportunities for students, such as the creation of new courses, determining House Bill 5 pathways and endorsements, and improving the Career and Technology Education [Program]. Another priority is the development of a robust technology plan that has curriculum and instruction imbedded. My final priority is exploring the development of an impactful and intentional strategic plan based on the school district’s goals and priorities.

What are the main issues facing FBISD, and how would you address them? The main issue facing our school district is the need for continuous improvement in all areas of curriculum and instruction. This includes addressing areas, such as special education, [gifted and talented program] services, bilingual education, career and technology education as well as all grade levels of regular education. The school district needs to upgrade its technology infrastructure, be intentional in its professional development program and develop leaders throughout FBISD.

Yu Kathy LiYu Kathy Li
Yu Kathy Li has lived in Sugar Land since 2006. In 2013, Li opened a preschool, The Goddard School Sugar Land. Li has a background in engineering, finance and education. For more information visit www.kathylifbisd.com

What would your top priorities be as a member of the FBISD board? My priorities are making sure teachers have the tools they need to be effective and ensuring that we investigate and evaluate what each child needs in order to be successful. I would like to see the district expand the career and technology programs so students who do not wish to attend [a] university, or cannot afford to immediately go, have skills that let them graduate and find employment that allows them to live above the poverty level. I am also concerned about what I have been hearing about discipline problems in the classroom and the way that FBISD handles these children.

What are the main issues facing FBISD, and how would you address them? The school district is facing many issues, such as discipline, fiscal responsibility, transparency, campus overcrowding and more. My family is very happy with FBISD and we love the school district, but it might take providing more quality training to teachers and staff members, or it might mean spending more time talking with and listening to the community. I am willing to work with other board members and the administration closely to formulate a plan and address these issues accordingly.

Fort Bend ISD school board, Position 6

Jenny BaileyJenny Bailey*
Incumbent Jenny Bailey is completing her first term as a trustee for the Fort Bend ISD school board after being elected in 2012. Bailey has lived in Fort Bend County for 16 years as a resident of First Colony. Her professional experience includes 14 years in the financial industry, in which she specialized in retirement planning services that included teacher retirement annuities. For more information visit www.jennybaileyfbisd.com

If elected, what would your top priorities be as a member of the FBISD school board? My top priorities are to ensure that all FBISD graduates have the skills they need to be workforce or college-ready and to help expand career and technical course offerings. My other priorities include the proper implementation of House Bill 5 and to provide curriculum and course offerings that are consistent at each grade level for all schools across the district.

What are the main issues facing the district, and how would you address them if elected? Education bills and school funding plans being proposed during the 84th Legislative session are issues that I am closely following. Other major issues facing the district include the execution of the $484 million bond and increasing the academic achievement in our underperforming schools. I will continue to closely follow the activities of the Bond Oversight Committee. I will also review ongoing efforts by the administration to implement effective management at our underperforming schools.

JJ ClemenceJJ Clemence
JJ Clemence has lived in FBISD for eight years. Clemence is a financial analyst, reporting account manager and business development manager at Spectra Energy. She has more than 10 years of financial, operational and fraud auditing experience for various industries, which includes oil and gas and financial services. She is also a certified auditor. For more information visit www.jjclemence.com

If elected, what would your top priorities be as a member of the FBISD school board?  As a certified financial auditor with more than 10 years of experience, I will make sure that all taxpayer dollars are used in the most effective and efficient manner. I will provide sufficient resources to attract and retain high-quality teachers and ensure that our students are prepared for global competition. I will ensure that all parents, teachers and students have a voice and that their voice is heard. You can depend on me to listen and to make decisions that will benefit all FBISD students.

What are the main issues facing the district, and how would you address them if elected?  Some of the main issues facing the district are to ensure the academic success of all students and to effectively manage the significant population growth the district is experiencing. As for academic success I would like our long-term planning to focus on closing the achievement gap while also increasing academic rigor. To manage the growth it is important that we develop and review a solid long-term facilities plan for the district. 

Addie HeyligerAddie Heyliger
Addie Heyliger has been a resident of Fort Bend County for the past 13 years. Heyliger is a technology operations project manager for CenterPoint Energy and is an adjunct professor at Houston Community College. She is also a certified project management professional. Heyliger has previously served as a board member for the Gulf Coast Warriors organization. For more information visit www.advocateaddie.com

If elected, what would your top priorities be as a member of the FBISD school board? My top priorities will be the implementation of House Bill 5, instituting career pathways equitably across all schools and the implementation of the new school zoning. I will work to understand the current Department of Justice investigation and how we as a school district can improve and find alternate methods to deal with the disciplining of our students. It is also my priority to craft procedures for due process in changing the location of academy programs and for the closing of academy programs.

What are the main issues facing the district, and how would you address them if elected? One issue facing the district is the need to implement due process policies for the changing and removal of the district’s academy programs. There needs to be equal disciplinary actions for all students who commit similar offenses. There also needs to be equitable distribution of resources to all schools across the district. I will work to increase technology use in our schools to foster a 21st-century environment and work to promote the creation of a learning environment at all the schools.

Stuart JacksonStuart Jackson
Stuart Jackson has been a resident of Fort Bend County for more than 20 years. He has served as vice president of his municipal utility district and is involved in an academic thinktank, which was initiated by the FBISD administration. Jackson has experience working for large companies and small consulting and software ventures. He started his own software company in 2002. For more information visit www.votestuartjackson.com

If elected, what would your top priorities be as a member of the FBISD school board?  My top priorities are to recognize and embrace the cultural diversity of FBISD, and to empower parents, teachers and administrators through predictable policies and local decision-making. I will promote policies that empower administrators and teachers to engage parents and students when determining curriculum and programs. This would result in a challenging environment where every student can pursue their dreams, leading to a more fiscally sound, responsive and safe learning environment for all students.

What are the main issues facing the district, and how would you address them if elected? The primary issue facing FBISD is the provision of a fiscally responsible, challenging and predictable educational experience that embraces the qualities and aspirations of all students. We need to set up a system that would allow each school to optimize their curriculum and programming. Technology is also integral, and FBISD needs to develop a long-term vision that embeds technology into every aspect of the educational process so that students are ready to more effectively compete.

Registering to vote in Fort Bend County

Find a registration form online at www.fortbendcountytx.gov
Voter registration applications are available at all post offices, city halls and libraries within Fort Bend County. The form must be returned in person to the Elections Administration Department at 4520 Reading Road, Ste. A-400, Rosenberg, or by mail to 301 Jackson St., Richmond 77469. Completed applications must be returned or postmarked by the 30th day before the election in which you desire to vote.