Red Barn Outlet

Red Barn Outlet

Since owner Hector Quintanilla opened Red Barn Outlet in March 2014, the business has steadily increased inventory, requiring a transformation of the upstairs office space into a sales area for clothing and shoes.

"Hector is the kind of person that just wants to do what he can to help people," said Michelle Jones, Red Barn Outlet general manager. "He thought he would be able to get quality merchandise and sell it at a discounted price that people would be able to afford."

The small, bright red exterior of Red Barn Outlet may suggest a retail shop filled with an inventory of farm equipment or mattresses. Once inside however, customers find that the business offers a different, more varied selection of merchandise.

Red Barn Outlet offers rows of overstock merchandise and slightly used items, including furniture, electronics, food, toys, office supplies and pet supplies, health and beauty products and other household goods.

The overstock merchandise consists of new items liquidated by vendors, typically to make room for newer items in the warehouse. The store sells a few slightly used items, such as suitcases at discount prices. Red Barn Outlet also offers maintenance for household items, such as vacuums and sells the refurbished products to customers.

"I think that's the best part about retail—[helping] the customers and meeting new people everyday," Jones said.