Today's announcement that Ameriflight LLC will soon relocate its headquarters from Burbank, Calif.'s Bob Hope Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport could mean good things for Grapevine.

With two-thirds of the international hub located within the Grapevine city limits, Grapevine Economic Development Manager Dan Truex said he predicts ripples into the local economy. It is not clear how many of the cargo carrier's 600 employees will be relocated to Grapevine, but some increase in business activity and service needs will be expected, and Truex anticipates spillover into local stores and eateries.

"It adds to our economy," Truex said. "Up to 600 more people will be using our stores, restaurants, our services throughout our community. Any time that happens, it adds to the economy of the community, and that generally is a good thing for us."

Truex also feels Grapevine creates an attractive environment for those looking to move into the area.

"As they move here and become acquainted with Grapevine, our festivals and entertainment, I'm sure they and their families will be coming to Grapevine and spending their money here," Truex said. "They may be living here. It just adds to the community when you bring in a headquarters and that many people to the area."