Gallery Black Lagoon

Art space branches out to other business

After opening an art gallery in the shell of a former video store in 2010, Gallery Black Lagoon owners David Lujan and Singer Mayberry said it feels like they found the perfect business mix for their space in Hyde Park.

"Now I think we are finally to a point where we can start to see more financial gains for ourselves and really look at the longevity of the place," Lujan said.

Lujan said he wanted to open the gallery to give artists a place to display their work based on the caliber of their art rather than their pedigree or management.

"We just look at the artwork first and decide based on the image itself," Lujan said.

The owners do not subscribe to any genre of art when considering what to hang on the walls, which have featured a mix of local and international artists. The gallery changes exhibitions about every two months.

"The biggest compliment we get from [artists] is just how excited they are to show in an actual gallery space," Mayberry said.

Looking forward into 2014, Lujan said the gallery is hoping to show more solo and dual shows.

The gallery's current exhibit—"Viewfinder"—is a black-and-white photography exhibition featuring 30 local photographers. Public viewing hours for the show are 2–5 p.m. March 15. "Viewfinder" runs by appointment through April 3.

Yoga Black Lagoon and events

Diversification is what the owners attribute some of their success to as well.

The owners started Yoga Black Lagoon about two years ago, Mayberry said, with just a few Saturday morning classes with friends. But the attraction quickly grew as neighbors began attending classes regularly. Mayberry said the number of classes has grown to about 15 per week.

"One of the selling points for them coming here is getting to practice in the space with art," Mayberry said. "Yoga and art, they seem like really complementary things."

Lujan said the yoga studio follows the same "nondenominational" philosophy as the art gallery by offering different types of yoga classes.

"All of our classes are diverse across the board," Lujan said.

Some of the classes on the schedule include Hatha, Vinyasa and Forrest yoga.

The gallery also is available as event space capable of hosting birthdays, rehearsal dinners, corporate meetings and community groups.

Gallery Black Lagoon, Gallery Black Lagoon, 4301 Guadalupe St.,, Hours: By appointment