Proposed development could oust Triple Crown, others

The title "Live Music Capital of San Marcos" may be up for grabs if a development on the site of Triple Crown is approved.

The San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission is set to consider a warrant request on Dec. 10 that will allow Carson Properties, a local developer, to develop the 200 block of North Edward Gary Street and Hutchison in downtown San Marcos for mixed-used retail and residential use.

Allen Manning, owner of Triple Crown, a live music venue that has hosted local and national musicians every day for 17 years, said he has signed a contract agreeing to sell his property to Carson. Manning stressed that the agreement is not yet official.

"It's a bittersweet [feeling]," Manning said. "We've been doing it for 17 years, and it has to come to an end."

Manning said in the event he turns over ownership of the property, he will relocate the iconic venue elsewhere in San Marcos.

The venue has touted itself as the live music capital of San Marcos, and much of that is thanks to the 17-year streak of live music.

According to an application submitted by the developer to the city on Nov. 21, the as-yet-unnamed development will include 79 living units containing 282 beds, as well as 4,500 square feet of retail space, 1,250 square feet of outdoor seating and patio space, and a 3,250-square-foot community center.

Carson's request is for a warrant to grant additional height beyond the five stories that are allowed by the city's SmartCode. Carson is hoping to build seven stories, only six of which will be visible from the public frontage.

Eskimo Hut and Cedars Mediterranean Restaurant will also have to vacate their properties if the development is approved. Carson already owns both properties.

Andrew Choi, owner of Eskimo Hut, said the news does not come as a surprise. San Marcos' growth has necessitated more residential options within the city.

"San Marcos is looking more and more like Austin," he said. "I've seen Austin grow. San Marcos has a long way to go."

Because nothing has been approved and no property has changed ownership, there is no timeline for when the venue might close.