Frisco ISD elementary zone maps released, rezoning discussions continue

Frisco ISD is moving forward with its process to rezone schools to accommodate the opening of one new high school and four new elementary schools in 2014.

On Nov. 11, proposed elementary school zones were released. Parents also had the opportunity to voice opinions about the previously released proposed new zones affecting Heritage, Liberty and Centennial high schools.

"We understand each of these numbers represents a child," Board President Renee Ehmke said. "This is a very emotional decision for us as well. This is important to us, and we want you to know that."

The four new elementary schools in the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest portions of the district will relieve crowding for a number of current elementary schools.

The schools are being built to house about 760 students. Anything above 760 is considered overcrowding, although schools were allowed to enroll 860 students this school year before cutting off enrollment and sending students to other nearby schools that could handle the overflow.

In northwest Frisco, Phillips, Robertson, Pink and Carroll will be relieved by Newman Elementary School, under construction at 12333 Briar Ridge Road. Newman is projected to open with 567 students in 2014 and have 660 students by 2015.

In southwest Frisco, Nichols and Bledsoe will be relieved by Hosp Elementary, 5050 Lone Star Ranch Parkway. That elementary is expected to open with 497 students in 2014 with a student population of 707 by 2015.

In far northeast Frisco, Scott Elementary at 10550 Millbend Drive in McKinney will relieve Sonntag, Mooneyham and Ashley elementary schools. It is projected to open with 633 students in 2014 and have 657 by 2015.

In southeast Frisco, Curtsinger and Isbell will be relieved by McSpedden at 14140 Countrybrook Drive, which is projected to open with 422 students in 2014 and have 599 students by 2015.

District officials will also talk about possibly sending 100 Tadlock Elementary students to Sem Elementary because of crowding at Tadlock.

Trustee John Hoxie said when elementary schools begin to be crowded, the learning environment, from classroom to cafeteria to bathroom space, is not conducive for children.

"It's better to get these schools, the population, as close to or under 760 as possible, Hoxie said. "That's the educational experience we are looking for."

High school zoning is set to be solidified at the Dec. 16 meeting. Also at the December meeting, parents will have an opportunity to voice opinions about elementary school rezoning.

At the Jan. 13 meeting, the trustees are expected to agree on elementary school zones.