Jersey Village residents renew Crime Control Prevention District for another decade

May 11, Jersey Village residents voted to renew the city's Crime Control Prevention District—a program critical to funding law enforcement in the area—for the next ten years. The CCPD was first established in 1998 and renewed in 2003 as a means to keep taxes low while providing funding for the Jersey Village police department.

The CCPD collects a half-cent sales tax on goods and services purchased within the city. This money goes towards law enforcement costs, including additional patrol vehicles, equipment, expanded training programs and uniforms.

"This sales tax allows non-residents to contribute to the funding of our police services rather than having that burden wholly on the residents," said Rod Erskine, newly elected mayor of Jersey Village.

Jersey Village residents also elected two members to City Council. Former council member Harry Beckwith was elected to position 3, and newcomer Sandra Joachim was elected to position 2. Both candidates ran unopposed and will serve on the building board of adjustment and the golf course advisory committee, respectively.

Former council member Erskine beat out Jersey Village resident Joyce Berube for the mayor position by nearly 200 votes.

Erskine said his main objectives for this term are to maintain city services without tax increases, minimize the impact of the Hwy. 290 expansion—loss of business, traffic issues and noise abatement—and grow the number of businesses located within the city limits.

Jersey Village City Council

Jersey Village Civic Center

16327 Lakeview Drive, Jersey Village 713-466-2102

July 15, 7 p.m.

Meetings are the third Monday of the month.