Weinberger's Deli

Sandwiches put together with creativity, community

Sandwiches become anything but ordinary at Weinberger's Deli.

With about 120 sandwiches listed on the menu and the ability to make roughly 500 different styles, Weinberger's, with locations in Grapevine and Westlake, tries to bring a little bit of all of the regions of the country to the table.

"We do authentic cheesesteaks, and then we do Beef on Weck from Buffalo, we do the Debris, which is a New Orleans sandwich, periodically we'll bring out the Philippe's French Dip from Los Angeles," owner Dan Weinberger said.

The Grapevine location on Main Street celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. The newer Westlake location is in the business park near the Dallas/Fort Woth Marriott Solana.

Weinberger got his start in delis early in life, working in his father's Chicago shops, Tom's Deli-World. He didn't plan to continue in the food business, but he found he had a love for it.

Now, Weinberger uses his dad's method of crafting a sandwich, to honor him with every one.

The menu for the restaurants includes creative names for classic sandwich styles, some of which were motivated by customer comments.

"We had a Cuban sandwich and people from Florida would come in and they'd go, 'That's pretty good. That's almost like a real Cuban.' " Weinberger said. "I'm like, 'It is a real Cuban.' "

When he would ask them what to do to improve the sandwich, they wouldn't have any suggestions for him, but they would continue to say it wasn't quite the "real thing." Now, that sandwich is called a Mark Cuban ($7.99).

"Then it's a real Mark Cuban," he said.

He gets similar comments about the Italian Beef ($6.99), which people call the best of its kind outside of Chicago. Based on a 1928 family recipe from Chicago, it is the signature sandwich at Weinberger's Deli.

"We have some exceptionally old recipes, and I try to stay true and not compromise on the integrity of the original recipe," Weinberger said.

John Kuelbs, a regular who came to Texas from Minnesota, said the Totally Wicked ($6.99) is the only real roast beef in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

"I've been coming for 10 years and brought 100 people at least," Kuelbs said. "I've done more deals at that second back table there."

On the deli's walls, Weinberger's Wall of Fame plaques list sandwich names and display the people or things that inspired them.

The Westlake location has added a Texas Motor Speedway theme, with flags and signage welcoming race fans. The plaques include Tony Stewart's Smoke Stromboli, Helio Ham, Pastrana Pastrami and Eddie Gossage's TMS.

Weinberger said his food reaches across social divides.

"It doesn't matter if you're the CEO of American Airlines or, you know, a street worker, black, white, rich, poor, any kind of ethnic group, everybody eats a sandwich."

Owner's Recommendations

  • Italian Beef – Cooked daily, based on a family-owned recipe from 1928 and served on old fashioned Italian bread ($6.99).
  • The Mark Cuban – Hot ham and roast pork, melted provolone cheese, Kosher dill slices, and yellow mustard on pressed Italian bread ($7.99).
  • The Dirty Dozen - Provolone cheese, Genoa salami, lettuce, Italian dressing, Muenster cheese, turkey, red onion, Giardiniera, cheddar cheese, roast beef, deli mustard and tomato on a toasted everything bun ($7.99).
  • The Medianoche – Hot ham and roast pork, Genoa salami, melted Swiss, honey Sriracha mustard, and butterchip jalapeo chow chow on toasted brioche ($7.99).

From the Signs — "We are not rude. We are seasoned."

Customer Participation — Customers can create their own combination, which could land them on the Weinberger's Wall of Fame.

Original Location — 601 S. Main St., Ste. 100, Grapevine, 817-416-5577

Weinberger's Deli, 3 Village Circle, Ste. 116, Westlake, 817-491-9119, www.weinbergersdeli.com