Big decisions made in 2011

  • Approval of Master Plan update — The document is a set of guidelines for future growth and has updates to the 1995 plan. A future land-use map is included to influence future zoning.
  • Transportation Plan Phase 1 — Phase 1 involved collecting traffic data to create a computer model to study future road projects. Areas of concern included intersections on Brodie Lane and Westgate Lane. The goal is to update the city's 1997 transportation plan.
  • Recreational venue playscape — The city built a 6,000-square-foot playscape on a 1-acre lot behind Doc's Backyard at a cost of $100,000.
  • Wildfire preparedness — Sunset Valley distributed fire safety information to every household. City first responders stayed on high alert and encouraged residents to sign up for an emergency notification system.

Top issues for 2012

  • Water planning project — As water prices begin to rise, the council must decide whether to repair and update its water system. It must also weigh how it subsidizes utility rates for residents.
  • Pillow Road improvements — The city plans to begin street, drainage and utility work in March and end in November. The project is the largest in the city's roadwork budget.
  • Transportation Plan Phase 2 — Phase 2 will involve creating cost estimates for the projects identified in Phase 1.
  • Land Development Code — The Land Development Code deals with standards and permits for zoning, construction and tree regulations, among others. Several sections need updating in 2012, including flood loss, water and wastewater, and signs.


The council meets twice a month on Tuesday nights.

Sunset Valley City Hall, 3205 Jones Road, 892-1383,

Terms and compensation

The mayor and City Council are volunteers who serve two-year terms.

TV coverage

Meetings are broadcast live through the city's website.