Jump Swim Schools opening locations in Sugar Land, Missouri City

Jump Swim Schools is opening two locations, one in Missouri City at 9101 Sienna Crossing, and one in Sugar Land at 17101 W. Grand Pkwy S. Based in Australia, the boutique facility offers swimming lessons, specializing in babies and beginning swimmers ages 3 months-10 years old. Lessons are given two at a time for a more private experience, said James Rice, head of commercial for Jump. The Missouri City school construction timeline is still being confirmed, but Rice said he expected it to open in the fall. The Sugar land location is under construction and will open in September, according to franchisee Auri Jalili. www.jumpswimschools.com

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  1. USA PLEASE don’t get caught into Ian Campbell, James Hurry or James Rice lies. They are con men. The Litigators have said its the worst theyve ever seen for funneling money!!
    Sign a contract pay your money and you won’t see it again. I signed June 2016 and handed over my money, still waiting for my pool. I’ve lost $168,000.00. Taken me back 30+ years financially.
    Look at Sydney Morning Herald articles, and Inside Franchise Business websit. A lot of information.

  2. Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Building!! It’s a scam!!
    Look at the Sydney morning Herald and Inside Franchise Business website. Federal Court, ACCC, ASIC, Taxation dept, frozen assets, Litigation, company Windup!! USA beware please!!🙏🙏

  3. Community Impact Staff

    Hello everyone,

    We wanted to let everyone know that we had to delete some comments on this article. Many of the comments misrepresented the commenter’s identity by not using a real name. This goes against our Community Rules. You can read them here: http://bit.ly/31ROlbV

    We apologize for this as we know many were speaking out against the business. Please know that this wasn’t done in an effort to stifle a viewpoint. We just need to be consistent with our policies. Our staff always welcomes positive or negative conversation around stories.

    This article was part of our Impacts section in our publication. Impacts cover all openings, closings or anniversaries of businesses in the area. An inclusion of a business in this section is not an endorsement.

    • Can you delete these comments from Aggy Pipes? I think thy are negative and have no business posting here with a fake account.

      • Community Impact Staff

        Hi Thomas,

        Thanks for the feedback. Our staff only deletes comments that violate our Community Rules. We did not find the comments in question to go against our policy. As stated above, we do welcome positive and negative opinions on our stories.

      • How did you establish Aggy Pipes comments were fake and/or negative? What is negative about statng facts? The fact is that this Company ad its executives scammed mums and dads here in Australia, taking all their lifetime savings. Ar e you trying to shut us up? I a one of the 100s that fell for Ian and Cos promises and lies. There are more than 25 arrticles to date talking about it. I dont know why you felt offended. Do you have any business ties with this company?

      • Hi Thomas,
        Why do you feel the comments are negative? They are the facts, and the courts, newspapers and the Australian Consumer Commission feels there is more than enough positive facts to go after Jump!
        Do you perhaps work for Jump? That could be really the only reason someone would want the comments removed. Anyone else would want to ensure Jump! Can’t expand into the USA and take your fellow citizens hard earned money and destroy their families. They will open the first few but after that things go wrong. How does a company who only ever opened in their best year 8 schools have 90 schools waiting to be built? How does a company take payment for rents and bonds and never transfer them to landlords. There are no comments here that aren’t based on facts. Enjoy your day mate, from Australia.

        • Virginia Bullock

          Vanessa, it’s because Thomas bought into the franchise and you are going to wreck the franchisees that have bought in over here in the USA! You Aussie need to stay out of USA Business! We cannot help what happened over in Australia with your government restraints with getting your permits and such! You need to go to your government officials to get your laws and regulations changed!

          • Hello Venessa,

            is that the lies they have told you. Anyways people are trying to save your money, everyone who is trying to stop you has lost money so it dose not matter. If these guys are telling government restraints why did’nt they pay the money back to people if not able to build schools. Also Ian has not paid to builders who build schools for them that dose not fall under government restraints, they have not paid money meant for deposit for property that dose not fall under government. There has to be a reason so many people are warning against falling for these Conmen but at end the decision is yours. Just ask them that you don’t want to go ahead and try and get your money back and you will see there real things. Ian has so many cases against him and he is going to use all the money from US to save himself here and you guys will loose your money,

          • @Virginia Bullock, I’ll suggest you re-read what Vanessa has written before making a statement. We Aussie’s are not trying to get money from your USA Business, we are doing the right thing of warning you against the kind of people you are dealing with. Ian can say one, two or three person are against him but that is not the case there are 100’s of people (franchisee as well as tradie / landlords) whom Jump has conned.

          • @ Virginia yes we did go to our respective government officials and the good news is there are no restraints there never has been so the Australian government has decided to pursue Ian through the federal court of law ….
            thank you for your advise . Why would anyone continue to sell a franchise knowingly when infact there are so many restrictions and regulations !

  4. We signed with Jump Swim School in June 2016 and one of the worst experience in my life, this has taken me back 20 years and a financial debt not sure when I will ever be able to pay off.

    Please look at Sydney Morning Herald articles, Inside Franchise Business website, ACCC website or even do asimple google search and you will see how many families Jump Swim School and Ian Campbell have left high and dry.

    My personal experience, Ian Campbell, James Rice and James Hurry are liars and con men.

  5. Hello Everyone,

    Above my name is real and I am not fake as Ian Campbell, James Hurry and James Rice. They looted more than 100 families in Australia and I am one of those who dreaemed to have their own business. However, the dream left dream because of above cone people took our 150k + 60k legal fees and still we didn’t get anything. If person leave a negative comment then make sense but if everyone leaves a negative comments then it should be very important to dig further before investing in this company. Please be aware before making any decision as these people have no emotion and may ruin your lives as they have done with 100 of families in Australia. Please read articles in Australia’s top news paper such as “The Age” and “Herald Sun Sydney” .

    Thank You.

  6. Liars , theives and criminals just google them and what they have done in Australia !
    They will be extricated and in jail soon
    They can run to another country but they can’t hide

  7. I urge everyone reading this to stay well clear of James Rice, James Hurry and Ian Campbell. I paid over AU$200k for my Jump swim school in Australia and received nothing but frustration, lies, debt and a massive bank loan with continued interest payment.
    Hopefully these three crooks are in jail in Australia soon as they have ruined the lives of over 100 Australian families over the past couple of years.
    I urge the US government and business authorities to ban them from trading in any way in the USA and deport them back to Australia to face the consequences of their fraudulent actions.

  8. Juliet Sharpe

    How is the progression of Sugar land coming along ?? Is there an open date soon ? Looking forward to any updates ?

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