San Antonio-based Specialized Medical Solution expands its operations into San Marcos in June

Owner of several San Marcos businesses, Ruben Becerra brought his San Antonio-based custom medical device company to the city on June 7.

Located at 205 Cheatham St., Ste. 1., Becerra said San Marcos was an ideal location to bring Specialized Medical Solution to help customers from South Austin to Schertz.

“Patients drive from Cedar Park to get to us [in San Antonio]sometimes, so we are making ourselves more accessible,” he said.

Specialized Medical Solution deals in compression garments, post-mastectomy products and customized braces for the back, arms and legs. The company also does on- and off-site fitting consultations.

According to Becerra, Specialized Medical Solution is one of the few medical device suppliers that have contracts with insurance companies.

“Something big in [this]is industry is we can bill people’s insurance so that people have to pay very little out of pocket or no money any at all,” he said.

While the business predominantly serves Central Texas, Becerra said it has the capacity to help customers on a national level through its shipping services. 512-667-4060.

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