Mellow Mushroom to close Round Rock location

According to an Oct. 7 Facebook post, Mellow Mushroom will close its Round Rock restaurant Nov. 5. Mellow Mushroom, located at 2600 N. I-35, Round Rock, serves pizza, sandwiches and salads and offers 32 beers on tap, according to its website. 512-291-7253.

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  1. I had looked forward to their opening, but when we went we were so disappointed. It looked like such a fun place, but it wasn’t & the food just wasn’t very good.
    Then, slapbox opened with amazing pizza & there was no going back.
    Sorry for those losing their jobs though.

  2. Pretty sure it was Pinthouse, with far superior beer and pizza, that was the death knell for Mellow Mushroom. One block away and constantly packed.

    WTH is “slapbox”?

    • Slap box is in downtown Round Rock on Main Street across from the library. The pizza is very good thin and crispy, the location is bright and upbeat, and the waitstaff was very pleasant and helpful.

    • Slapbox is owned by the 600 Degrees people. If you haven’t been to either, come up to Georgetown to try 600! It’s awesome!

  3. I’m in shock, I love and supported Mellow greatly. Excellent calzones and a unique setting, I’ll surely be visiting often before the close date.

  4. Texans dont know good pizza. They would rather go to the other locations when this one is the best. Such a loss to this community. Pinthouse is gross.

    • LOL that’s why they’ll be opening their fourth location next year, Rhonda. Feel free to return to whatever place that was so great you left it to come here.

  5. This was eminent with Pinthouse’s arrival. I liked Mellow Mushroom. It was a unwise style of pizza and will be sad to lose them as an option. Wish they would change to a take out location so we wouldn’t have to lose their delicious pizza.

  6. Once Pinthouse opened, all customers and employees began going to Pinthouse. It was pretty predictable that this would happen.

  7. Their cheese was see through. That means it was more than 50% vegetable oil. It did not stretch like it’s supposed to. 100% mozzarella stretches and strings and is dark white. Tell cheese doesn’t look like a human brain, gray and translucent. It’s a cost saving measure that many pizza places pull even after successfully making a good pizza with real cheese. This place pulled that from day 1 and everybody I knew who said they liked the place blew my mind. If not for the groovy environment, it wouldn’t have lasted this long.

  8. Pizza and service we’re good when it first opened. However, as time went on the service got worse and worse. The place also became a filthy mess. Clearly, the management team either didn’t care or were incompetent. Sorry such a great start turned into such a sad end.

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