Candidate filing information for the March 3 primary was released by the Texas secretary of state this week for federal, state and county races, including several in Montgomery and Harris counties. The filing deadline was Dec. 9 for the primary elections. Here is who has filed for various positions in the Tomball and Magnolia areas, according to information available Dec. 12 from the Texas secretary of state's office. This list does not include every position, such as district judges.

*indicates incumbent

U.S. representative

  • District 2 (ZIP codes 77375, 77377):

    Dan Crenshaw* (Republican)

    Elisa Cardnell (Democrat)

    Sima Ladjevardian (Democrat)

    Travis Olsen (Democrat)

  • District 8 (ZIP codes 77354, 77355, 77362, 77377, 77447):

    Kevin Brady* (Republican)

    Melissa Esparza-Mathis (Republican)

    Kirk Osborn (Republican)

    Elizabeth Hernandez (Democrat)

    Laura Jones (Democrat)

  • District 10 (ZIP codes 77354, 77355, 77377, 77447):

    Michael McCaul* (Republican)

    Pritesh Gandhi (Democrat)

    Shannon Hutcheson (Democrat)

    Mike Siegel (Democrat)

State representative

  • District 3 (ZIP codes 77354, 77355, 77362, 77375, 77447):

    Cecil Bell Jr.* (Republican)

    Martin Shupp (Democrat)

  • District 15 (ZIP codes 77354):

    Steve Toth* (Republican)

    Lorena McGill (Democrat)

  • District 126 (ZIP code 77375):

    E. Sam Harless* (Republican)

    Undrai F. Fizer (Democrat)

    Natali Hurtado (Democrat)

  • District 130 (ZIP codes 77354, 77375, 77377, 77447):

    Tom Oliverson* (Republican)

    Bryan J. Henry (Democrat)

  • District 150 (ZIP codes 77354, 77375):

    Valoree Swanson* (Republican)

    Michael Robert Walsh (Democrat)

State senator

  • District 4 (ZIP codes 77354, 77355, 77362, 77375, 77447):

    Brandon Creighton* (Republican)

    Jay Stittleburg (Democrat)

  • District 18 (ZIP codes 77355, 77447):

    Lois Kolkhorst* (Republican)

    Michael Antalan (Democrat)

State board of education

  • District 6 (ZIP codes 77354, 77375, 77377, 77447):

    Will Hickman (Republican)

    Debra Kerner (Democrat)

    Kimberly McLeod (Democrat)

    Michelle Palmer (Democrat)

  • District 8 (ZIP codes 77354, 77362, 77375, 77447):

    Audrey Youmg (Republican)

    Sharon E. Berry (Democrat)

Harris County

  • Precinct 3 commissioner

    Tom Ramsey (Republican)

    Susan Sample (Republican)

    Brenda Stardig (Republican)

    Diana Martinez Alexander (Democrat)

    Zaher Eisa (Democrat)

    Erik "Beto" Hassan (Democrat)

    Michael Moore (Democrat)

    Morris Overstreet (Democrat)

    Kristi Thibaut (Democrat)

  • Precinct 4 constable

    Mark Herman* (Republican)

    Chris Bounds (Republican)

    Jeff McGowen (Democrat)

  • Sheriff

    Ed Gonzalez* (Democrat)

    Jerome Moore (Democrat)

    Harry Zamora (Democrat)

    Joe Danna (Republican)

    Paul Day (Republican)

    Randy Rush (Republican)

  • County attorney

    Vince Ryan* (Democrat)

    Christian Dashaun Menefee (Democrat)

    Ben Rose (Democrat)

    John Nation (Republican)

  • District attorney

    Kim Ogg* (Democrat)

    Carvana Cloud (Democrat)

    Audia Jones (Democrat)

    Todd Overstreet (Democrat)

    Lori Deangelo (Republican)

    Mary Huffman (Republican)

    Lloyd Wayne Oliver (Republican)

  • Tax assessor-collector

    Anna Harris Bennett* (Democrat)

    Jolanda "Jo" Jones (Democrat)

    Jack Terence (Democrat)

    Chris Daniel (Republican)

Montgomery County

  • Sheriff

    Rand Henderson* (Republican)

  • County attorney

    B.D. Griffin* (Republican)

  • Tax assessor-collector

    Tammy J. McRae* (Republican)

  • Precinct 5 constable

    Chris Jones* (Republican)

    Brian Clack (Republican)

  • District attorney, 9th Judicial District

    Brett W. Ligon* (Republican)