Magnolia ISD began evaluating elementary school attendance boundaries for the first time in 18 years this fall with the expected opening of Audubon Elementary School in 2024.

What happened

In a Sept. 6 news release, MISD outlined a timeline and process for the rezoning system that began with a survey to elementary parents Sept. 11-21.

The district released the first round of feedback along with the proposed elementary boundaries Oct. 19.

According to results from the first “Thought Exchange” survey, the top three main concerns parents expressed included:
  • Maintaining a diverse student population
  • Ensuring manageable class sizes
  • Minimizing travel time for students
According to the district’s website, respondents also emphasized the importance of adequate resources and addressing overcrowding in certain schools. Safety, economic factors, and the impact of boundary changes on students' social and academic experiences were also mentioned as important considerations.

Overall, the survey included:
  • 1,475 participants
  • 829 thoughts
  • 19,886 ratings
By the numbers

According to a 10-year forecast for MISD elementary campuses, the three schools that are predicted to have the most growth include Magnolia Parkway Elementary, Magnolia Elementary and Williams Elementary schools.

By 2032-33, all three schools are predicted to be overcapacity.

This includes:
  • 1,990 students at Magnolia Parkway Elementary
  • 1,554 students at Magnolia Elementary
  • 1,301 students at Williams Elementary
Executive Director of Communications Denise Meyers said rezoning for Audubon Elementary will affect approximately 1,200 students across the three campuses.

“With the 5,600 elementary students we have, if you were to divide that out into the nine elementary schools, in a perfect world, there would be 622 elementary kids per campus,” she said. “So, when you look at those projective numbers for each campus, we really tried to balance all of that out.”

What's next

The survey for parents to give feedback on the proposed boundary map will close Nov. 1. The map is expected to be presented to the board of trustees Nov. 13.
The proposed elementary school zones affect approximately 1,200 students across the three campuses. (Courtesy Magnolia ISD)