Work on a new bridge is underway over Spring Creek as part of a 14- to 15-month project to widen Gosling Road to four lanes between Creekside Forest Drive and Gatewood Reserve Lane. The project began as a joint effort between Montgomery County Precinct 3 and Harris County Precinct 4 because it includes areas within both counties. Due to Harris County boundary shifts, Gosling is now in Precinct 3, which will complete the project.
According to Montgomery County Precinct 3, contractor NBG Constructors installed beams for a portion of the new bridge over Spring Creek and worked on the bridge approaches and abutment as of May 23. In addition, concrete pavement for a new southbound lane was poured May 21.
The project will create two 12-foot lanes in each direction as well as the two additional lanes for a 1,817-foot bridge over Spring Creek. Northbound Gosling will be restriped at the intersection with Creekside Forest for two lanes and a left-turn lane. Additional detention for stormwater will be constructed on the north side of the project, and it will drain into Spring Creek, according to Montgomery County officials.

Timeline: December 2021-early 2023

Cost: $8.2 million (Montgomery County Precinct 3 contributing $4 million)

Funding sources: Montgomery County Precinct 3, Harris County Precinct 4