The Shenandoah Planning and Zoning Commission provided an update during the Nov. 15 City Council meeting on redevelopment efforts for older sections of the city along Research Forest Drive and I-45.

What you need to know

On Nov. 15, Shenandoah City Council received an update from the planning and zoning commission highlighting the progress being made on a plan to redevelop the older portions of the city along I-45.

With the city only comprising 2.2 square miles, City Manager Kathie Reyer said council wants to begin looking at ways to revitalize the area.

There is no firm outline for what standards will be in place once redevelopment is offered, but according to City Council, businesses will have a set of guidelines to follow once the plan is complete. Some of the discussed changes would allow businesses more land space and redevelopment of business fronts. City officials said the plan will be ready in 2024.

Quote of note

“City Council will be [able] to take the eight potential pieces of property that are there for redevelopment and as someone requests redevelopment to look at those on an individual basis—a project-by-project basis,” City Attorney Bill Ferebee said.