Editor's note: The story was updated to correct the name of CISD Capt. Matt Blakelock.

The Conroe ISD board of trustees gave special recognition to three district employees involved in the life-saving efforts of Monica Jones, a teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary School, during a March 22 regular meeting. CISD Sgt. Michael Mann, CISD Officer Tramecia Wiley and Oak Ridge Elementary Principal Tami Eldridge received the Life Saving Award from the district.

“We get to see these acts of kindness and appreciate these people every single day," CISD Capt. Matt Blakelock said during the meeting. "What we don’t often get to do is recognize somebody for taking those actions or making that effort to make the ultimate difference in somebody’s life, and I am honored to be able to recognize Officer Tramecia Wiley and Sgt. Michael Mann for their efforts. They will tell you they were just doing their job; we know that it is a lot more than that.”

Jones told the board she went to bed ill Feb. 8 and did not arrive to work at Oak Ridge Elementary on Feb. 9. Jones said on the morning of Feb. 9, Eldridge persistently called her phone. When Eldridge did not receive a response, she requested that Wiley check on Jones at her home. Jones said Wiley and Mann found her unresponsive in her home and called emergency medical services. She was then transported to the hospital.

"I am alive because of these sweet, quiet heroes who leapt into action," Jones said. "What they did that day—without fanfare—made a difference. Maybe not to the masses, but to at least one person [and] one family. Feb. 9, 2022, could have been my last day—the last day of my life, but thankfully, life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles put into motion by quiet heroes like Tami Eldridge, Officer Wiley and Sergeant Mann. Their actions that day were the miracle I needed,” Jones said.

Also during the March 22 meeting, the board approved the campus mascot and school colors for Gordon-Reed Elementary School, which will open for the 2022-23 school year. The mascot of the elementary school is the Gordon-Reed Cubs, and the school colors are navy blue, yellow and dark gray. The district implemented a mascot selection process that included future students and families of Gordon-Reed Elementary. Students and families were asked to submit nominations for a potential mascot, and top nominations were presented to students and families for their feedback through an online form.