Dawson Security Group celebrated 25 years in The Woodlands on July 4. Owner Mark Dawson said he started the business in 1998 based on the principles of value, service and quality.

“The July 4th weekend was when I started the company,” he said. “That Monday morning I went to my church, got with one of the ministers and tried to start this business off the right way with the right mindset, and we’ve been blessed ever since.”

Dawson said the mindset is to provide a service that a customer would want at their own home.

“We instill the character values in our own team concerning how they do their work to satisfy a client like you would want to satisfy your own mother,” he said. “In some aspects I’ll see the work of a new team member, ... and I’ll ask that individual, ‘Would you let your mother pay for that job?’”

The details

Dawson Security Group offers a variety of services from commercial to residential. Services include rekeying businesses and homes, repairing outdated hardware, cutting keys, changing locks, and installing security systems. The storefront also sells safes of all sizes.

In 25 years, Dawson said the company has undergone two major changes, including a change in name and service.

“When we first opened up, we were known as Dawson’s Safe and Lock Services, and we provided everything physical,” he said. “About eight years ago, we started doing alarm systems as well. That led to the name change Dawson Security Group, which better defines who we are because we do both physical and electronic layers of security now.”

Dawson said he wanted to create the security group to be a one-stop business for the community.

“Our job is to connect with the client to understand how they feel about their security and meet that comfort level or give them the peace of mind they are looking for,” he said.

What's next

Looking forward to the next 25 years, Dawson said he wants to bring in more capable trade workers, continue to provide quality equipment and service, and become more involved in the community.

“We are service minded to the community,” he said. “Nobody likes to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, but I’m willing to help nonprofits when they have an issue. If they approach me, I will do whatever I can for them. We like to quietly serve many of the churches in community, too.”

As Dawson continues to serve The Woodlands and surrounding community, he wants to say “thank you” to all his customers.

“Thank you to the entire Spring-Woodlands community for supporting us and recommending us to others for a quarter of a century,” he said. “Without the support of our community, we would not have the success that we enjoy today or be able to share that success with others by providing jobs in this exciting and ever-changing industry.”

Dawson Security Group

26309 I-45 N., The Woodlands



Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.