Harris County Pets is in need of short-term fosters to assist with bottle feeding kittens, according to a May 21 announcement from the organization.

According to the announcement, Harris County Pets—formerly Harris County Animal Shelter—has received an influx of neonatal kittens, as is typical this time of year due to high cat breeding activity. The orphaned kittens are less than six weeks old, meaning they are in need of around-the-clock care and need to be nursed with a bottle until they are capable of feeding themselves.

"Staff at Harris County Pets will not only show you exactly what to do, but provide the supplies needed to feed and care for these tiny babies," the release states. "It's a short-term commitment and very rewarding."

According to the announcement, fosters must be at least 18 years old. For more information about being a foster for Harris County Pets, email [email protected], call 281-999-3191 or click here.