Harris County Flood Control District officials hosted a groundbreaking ceremony March 10 for two projects in the Spring area of the Cypress Creek watershed.

According to a March 7 news release, the first project will include the construction of a stormwater detention basin on a 6.81-acre site near the junction of Lemm Gully and Wunsche Gully, located just north of Cypresswood Drive between I-45 and the Hardy Toll Road.

According to the release, the HCFCD contributed approximately $777,000 in 2018 flood bond funds toward the project with project partner Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 249 spending more than $610,000 to purchase right of way and nearly $165,000 to fund design, construction and additional right of way.

Upon completion, the basin will be able to hold roughly 37 acre-feet, or more than 12 million gallons, of stormwater during heavy rain events. The project is being managed by Harris County MUD 249.

The second project, located about a quarter of a mile north of the first project, is a partnership project among the HCFCD, Harris County MUD 249 and Harris County Water Control & Improvement District No. 110.

According to the release, Harris County MUD 249 and Harris County WCID 110 each own a basin that are adjacent to each other and each have a shared maintenance beam. The purpose of the project is to remove the common beam to obtain additional volume in the combined detention basin for flooding reduction.

Upon completion, the basins will have an additional capacity of 12.2-acre feet, or roughly 3.9 million gallons, of stormwater.

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