In partnership with Harris County Precinct 2, Friendswood will make improvements to a stretch of Blackhawk Boulevard this year.

Engineering for the project is ongoing since the county signed an interlocal agreement with Friendswood in October, Public Information Officer Glenda Faulkner said. Friendswood will open the project for bids by late spring 2023, and construction will begin within two months of the project being awarded.

The project is a continuation of past renovations that ended south of Pennystone Way and continues north to Geneva Drive, Director of Engineering Jil Arias said. Friendswood will cover $1.2 million of the $2.4 million project cost, with Precinct 2 contributing $1.2 million.

Friendswood will prepare plans, specifications and estimates for construction of the project and assume responsibility for maintenance once it is completed, according to the interlocal agreement.