Early voting in Brazoria County has surpassed 2021’s totals, with nearly 11,400 people having voted early in person from Oct. 23-Nov. 2, according to county data.

The overview

Through the first nine days of early voting, Brazoria County saw an average of more than 1,100 people vote each day, according to county data. Combined with mail-in votes—344 total through Nov. 2—11,723 total people have voted so far in the 2023 election.

That compares to 6,434 voters who voted early and in-person in 2021, which was the last constitutional election in Texas similar to 2023. With mail-in ballots included, 6,944 people voted early in 2021.

At this pace, 2023’s totals will double 2021’s total, according to the data averages.

Diving in deeper

For Brazoria County, there is only one local item on the ballot this year. Pearland ISD is seeking a voter-approval tax rate election, or VATRE, which would increase the tax rate by $0.09 from what is allowed by the state in 2023. Despite this, even with a $0.09 increase, the tax rate will still be lower than previous years.

If approved, it will net the district $11.2 million in additional revenue, which would go toward shrinking down an expected shortfall of $12.7 million in the district’s fiscal year 2023-24 budget.

The 2023 ballot has a number of amendments to the state constitution, which include increasing the homestead exemption tax break from $40,000 to $100,000, meaning properties would have less taxable value, if the measure passes.

There are 14 total state propositions on the ballot this year, many of which are county-specific. Some of those that are not county-specific include:
  • A constitutional amendment to increase the mandatory retirement age for state justices and judges
  • Constitutional amendments creating a number of funds, such as park funding, broadband funding, energy funding and water funding for various projects
  • Allowing the 88th state Legislature to make a cost-of-living adjustment to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Stay tuned

Early voting wraps up Nov. 3, and Election Day falls on Nov. 7, which will be the last day to vote in this year’s cycle.