Editor's Note: The Community Impact analysis used July 7 data.

In Brazoria County, there were 104 new coronavirus cases reported on July 3 along with 26 recoveries, 104 new cases and 18 recoveries reported July 4 and 93 new cases reported July 5. These numbers are likely not indicative of how many people might have gotten infected due to Fourth of July festivities, as symptoms can take two weeks to manifest themselves, Brazoria County Health Director Cathy Sbrusch said.

However, the number of positive coronavirus cases reported daily is increasing in Brazoria County. From May 4-10, the county averaged seven new cases reported per day. Nearly one month later, the county averaged 12 new cases reported per day from June 1-7. From June 29-July 5, the week the county saw the most daily cases so far, the county averaged 92 new cases reported per day. On July 6, the county once again broke its record for most cases reported in a day. The county passed the 2,000-case mark—which includes probable and confirmed cases, as well as recoveries and deaths—on July 2.

According to July 7 data, the number of active cases now exceeds the number of recoveries for all age brackets, except under 9 years old and 30-39 years old. The 20-29 age bracket is now the age bracket with the most infected cases in the county. Roughly 83% of the cases in this age bracket appeared after May 31, according to Brazoria County’s database and a Community Impact analysis using July 7 data.

The 30-39 and 40-49 age brackets follow the 20-29 age bracket in the number of cases and have grown at a steadier rate, according to the county’s database.