When stepping into Change Barber Studio, guests can expect to find bespoke, one-of-a-kind hair and grooming services, but perhaps the most remarkable thing about the barbershop is the age of its owner. Aaron Medrano was only 19 when he opened the shop in March.

Medrano began cutting the hair of family and friends as a Shadow Creek High School senior from his home nearby. Through Instagram and word of mouth, Medrano marketed his new business.

Medrano said he was inspired to pursue haircutting from regular childhood trips to the barbershop and watching YouTube videos of professional barbers and influencers Chris Bossio and Sean Ralston.

After graduation, Medrano enrolled in Franklin Barber Institute in Houston but was unsure what his next step would be upon graduating.

“I started looking at the shops in the Pearland area, and I didn’t see anywhere I wanted to go or where I could grow as much as I wanted to, so I was like, maybe I can try to open up my own," Medrano said.

One day, while watching one of Chris Bossio’s videos titled “How to Open Your Own Barber Shop,” Medrano first imagined the name of his one-day business, “Change Barber Studio.”

After a long search, Medrano found the space to house his studio at 9330 Broadway St., Ste. 404, Pearland.

Medrano credits his friends and family, especially his mom who co-signed the lease for the studio, for supporting his journey through barber school to eventually opening Change Barber Studio. He also credits his staff.

“Everyone out here, we all went to barber school together and that’s how we all met. They just kept me going, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them,” Medrano said.

Change Barber Studio emphasizes discussing the client's goals and dreams for their hair before the cutting even starts. Beyond haircuts, guests at the barber studio can enjoy beard grooming, shampoo and conditioner, hot towels, and eyebrow grooming. In the future, Medrano hopes to offer coloring services.