FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center in Humble recently received a grant that will help the nonprofit continue to provide services to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault.

The center received a $12,088 grant from the Texas Council on Family Violence to help provide infrastructure amid the coronavirus pandemic. The TCFV granted a total of $250,000 to 22 agencies across the state through its Swalm Endowment Fund, according to a June 24 news release from TCFV.

The funds will be used to update the organization's security system to ensure safety and security for local survivors, said Lori Carroll, executive director of FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center, via email.

"When survivors seek refuge and services from FamilyTime, it is essential they experience a sense of felt safety and security," she said. "Felt safety stretches beyond the immediate shelter, food and compassionate care of staff; the physical space must be secure and safe to prevent harm to survivors and their dependents as well as to staff and volunteers. Without this safety, a survivor might perceive his/her abusive situation a better proposition and return to the abuser."

Carroll said the nonprofit has faced numerous challenges since the pandemic began that will affect both services and facility operations, including having to cancel two major fundraising events, receiving fewer community donations and temporarily closing the nonprofit's thrift shop in Porter.

"Although we have met the challenge so far and are seeking the various pandemic emergency assistance opportunities, sustainability of current conditions is a great concern," she said.

FamilyTime also began offering additional services during the pandemic to meet the needs of the community. The organization's counseling staff and interns began offering telehealth services to clients and making special arrangements for clients who did not feel safe receiving services at home, Carroll said.

"We have learned many things during this pandemic and some of the additional services we have added to assist our clients will continue long after COVID-19," she said.