New Caney ISD will bring back about 1,600 remote students to campus in the spring semester.

At the NCISD board of trustees’ Dec. 14 meeting, Executive Director of Instruction Kristi Shofner said the students invited back to campus either failed one or more classes in the first nine weeks of the fall semester or have missed six or more days of schooling.

“We will look at students who were not successful in the second nine weeks in January when those grades are completed to invite those students back on campus,” Shofner said.

Shofner said the district will not designate some teachers as remote instructors only.

The board also approved the calendar for the 2021-22 academic school year. Shofner said the calendar was shared with the board in November and was also shared with instructors across the district to collect opinions, but the calendar has not been released to the public. Shofner said 60% of instructing staff chose Calendar B, and the district approved this decision.