Ingenious Brewing Co. in Humble is set to permanently close Jan. 6 after nearly six years in operation, officials announced in a Dec. 26 Facebook post.

According to co-founder Justin Gyorfi, the brewery has been struggling to overcome the financial and social challenges posed to the craft beer industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Early on we held hope that the economic climate would improve for our industry in time,” Gyorfi said in the announcement. “Unfortunately, it’s now nearly three years later, and despite multiple rounds of loans and employee retention credits keeping us floating, the outlook is even worse than when this started.”

Gyorfi said he was thankful for the community members the brewery has been able to serve.

“The support we had from the community was amazing, and we are beyond thankful for everyone who helped us get this far,” he said.

Ingenious Brewing Co. opened in March 2018. The brewery offers a variety of small-batch constantly changing brews including tart, fruited sours; pastry stouts; hop-loaded IPAs; and milkshake IPAs.