The city of Katy approved the addition of four new stop signs in the Katy Boardwalk area during a Katy City Council meeting Aug. 23.

The stop signs will be added at the intersections of Lakeview Way and Kingsland Boulevard, and Lakeview Way and Boardwalk Drive; Prairie Parkway and Kingsland Boulevard, and Prairie Parkway and Boardwalk Drive; Boardwalk Drive and Prairie Parkway; and Boardwalk Drive and Lakeview Way, according to city documents. The motion passed unanimously.

The Katy Boardwalk area, located south of I-10, has been under development since 2015 and broke ground in 2017. The development was in its second of three road phases by July of this year. The approved stop signs will be located both within the development at Boardwalk Drive and Lakeview Way, and at Boardwalk Drive and Prairie Parkway, as well as where the development meets Kingsland Boulevard and Lakeview Way and at Kingsland Boulevard and Prairie Parkway, just outside of Katy Mills.