Community Impact Newspaper's 2020 Health Care Edition for the Katy area includes a front-page story on uninsured rates; a feature on local nurses; a guide to vaccine development; a listing of local hospitals; and health care snapshots of Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties.

Experts: Uninsured population in Katy could ‘skyrocket’ after COVID-19

About 1.6 million Texans have lost their employer-sponsored coverage in the past couple months, but the true influence on the Katy area will be seen in late 2020.

Katy-area nurses reflect on COVID-19: 'We’re not running away from it; we’re meeting it head on'

The pandemic has been scary for local nurses, but they are adapting to new operations to keep themselves and patients safe.

A path to protection: Vaccine prospects for COVID-19

As worldwide health care experts work to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, one health care company in the Greater Houston area continues work on its own vaccine.

Health Care Edition 2020: A list of hospitals in the Katy area

Each year, our staff puts together a list of Katy-area hospitals in the area for our Health Care Edition.

How healthy is Harris County?

Harris County ranked among the top 25 out of 244 counties on length of life.

How healthy is Fort Bend County?

Fort Bend County ranked among the top five on length of life and health behaviors.

How healthy is Waller County?

Waller County's highest rank was in the length of life category at No. 27.

How many physicians and nurses are in Harris County?

While the county's overall number of physicians and registered nurses increased between 2018-19, the number per 100,000 residents data decreased.

How many physicians and nurses are in Fort Bend County?

In Fort Bend County, the number of physicians and registered nurses has increased with the population as shown by the number of physicians and nurses per 100,000 residents growing in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

How many physicians and nurses are in Waller County?

Waller County experienced no year-over-year increase of physicians in 2019.