Katy City Council approved three projects at its March 9 regular meeting.

In one project, the city agreed to upgrade the camera system for the municipal court at 5432 Franz Road, Katy Mayor Pro Tem Chris Harris said. It will use about $45,000 in municipal court security restricted funds and municipal court technology restricted funds, according to city documents.

Council approved the proposal in July 2019, but the new cameras were never ordered because there was a new model to be released, and the Katy Police Department chose to wait for the release of the new technology, Harris said.

The agreement approved at the March 9 meeting replaced last year’s proposal, though the price remains the same, Harris said. Additionally, the physical security proposal agreement is between the city of Katy and DataVox Inc. and Datacom & Security Solutions Inc., which will provide the cameras, per city documents.

Katy City Council also awarded a construction contract for asphalt street renovations to AAA Asphalt Paving Inc. The total project cost is expected to be $419,122, and it will improve Bartlett Street, per city documents.

The project timeline has not yet been finalized, as it is weather-dependent, but Harris said he expects the contractor to begin within the next four weeks and anticipates it to be a short project.

Lastly, Katy City Council awarded a water line renovation project to Supak Construction Inc., per city documents. The project—which is part of routine water line replacements and infrastructure updates—has a total cost of $147,823, Harris said.