The Katy ISD Council of Parent Teacher Associations helps more than 60 PTA chapters on KISD campuses empower families to help all students reach their potential, KISD Council of PTAs President Georgia Strickland said.

“PTAs are not just about fundraising or making cookies for teachers,” said Strickland, who has two children attending KISD. “They’re doing some major things for their campus.”

For example, Mayde Creek High School has been advocating to receive more sidewalks from the city of Houston, she said. Individual campus PTAs also put on events to teach parents about issues such as vaping and internet safety.

To help the campus chapters, the organization hosts leadership trainings and monthly meetings so PTA presidents know what they should be doing over the course of the year and can swap ideas with other PTAs. The council also acts as a liaison between the Texas chapter of PTAs and the local chapters, Strickland said.

Strickland said her advice to parents who are thinking about volunteering with their local PTA is to jump in.

“I think that it’s crucial for parents to get involved because it’s sending a message to your kid: ‘Hey, I care about your education. I care about your future.’”

Strickland said not all parents can commit a lot of volunteer hours, but reaching out to the PTA to see what opportunities are available can make a difference.

Last year, the KISD Council of PTAS had 30,494 members, making it larger than 35 state PTA councils and the largest council in Texas, Strickland. The goal this year is to have over 35,000 members. Becoming involved in a campus PTA encourages community in the fast-growing Katy area.

“[Recognizing students, their families and teachers] at grocery stores or restaurants really brings a sense of community,” she said. “Let’s face it, we’re not a small city anymore. To still be able to go out to a restaurant and hear, ‘Hey, you’re the PTA lady,’ it’s kind of cool.”

Katy Council of PTAs

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