Daily confirmed positive coronavirus cases in the Katy area increased by 40 to 1,084 on June 1 across seven ZIP codes.

The data comes from Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties’ respective COVID-19 information dashboards. The total number of tests administered in each ZIP code is not immediately available.

Only Harris and Waller counties are providing data on recoveries, deaths and active cases at the ZIP code level. Together, they reported a total of 566 recoveries and eight deaths out of 935 total confirmed cases.

Below is a breakdown of the coronavirus case data for Katy’s three counties. Note that, of the seven ZIP codes, 77449, 77084 and 77094 fall fully in Harris County. ZIP code 77441 falls fully in Fort Bend County. However, ZIP code 77493 falls within Harris and Waller counties; ZIP code 77450 falls within Harris and Fort Bend counties; and ZIP code 77494 falls within Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties.

Harris County

The number of active cases in six Katy-area ZIP codes in Harris County increased from 332 on June 1 to 358 on June 2, a daily increase of 26, according to the Harris County 2019 novel coronavirus dashboard as of 8 p.m.

Subsequently, the number of recovered cases increased from 549 on June 1 to 563 on June 2, a daily increased of 14.

No new deaths have been reported since Harris County began providing active, recovered and death data on the ZIP code level.

Countywide, Harris County has a total of 13,027 confirmed cases, of which 5,078 have recovered and 236 have died. There are 7,713 active cases in the county.

Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County’s Community Impact Dashboard is reporting only the total number of confirmed positive coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic on the ZIP code level.

According to data available at 8 p.m. June 2, the county is reporting a total of 149 confirmed positive cases in the Katy area, a daily increase of four.

Countywide, Fort Bend County reported a total of 1,916 confirmed cases, of which 698 have recovered and 45 have died. There are 1,173 active cases in the county.

Waller County

In a 9:16 p.m. June 1 Facebook post, Waller County Judge Trey Duhon reported a new coronavirus case in the Katy area in ZIP code 77493. This brings the total of Katy-area cases since the beginning of the pandemic to six across two ZIP codes in Waller County.

Three of the six cases have recovered; three are active cases.

In the same Facebook post, Duhon said the total confirmed case count in Waller County is 62, of which 24 cases are active.

However, the Waller County COVID-19 webpage reported as of 8:20 p.m. a total of 63 confirmed cases, 41 of whom have recovered, and none of whom have died.